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Travel Exhibition in India: Negritude

The National Alliance of Artists from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (NAAHBCU) embraces the title “Negritude” for the traveling exhibition in the Country of India. The Negritude exhibition was supported financially by the city governments and states in India.

The exhibition traveled from 2019 through 2020 and was shown in museums across the country in Kerela, Varanasi, Kolkata, Shantiniketan, Goa, and Udaipur.


The name “Negritude” embodies an important movement within the history of equal justice. Birthed from intellectual writers in Paris, 1930s- 1950s, it represented cultural identity similar to the black movements in the USA such as ”Black is Beautiful” and ” I am Black and Proud”.. Although the term was given popularity by Aimé Césaire in his poem Cahier d’un retour au pays natal. The Negritude movement was founded by African and Caribbean students in Paris to protest anti-colonial cultural and political behavior and attitudes.


In the United States the “Negritude art movement” and discourse was influential on artist that worked during the Harlem Renaissance and the Surrealism era. Like Africans and European blacks; artists of color in the United States have faced discrimination and issues unequal representation.


National Alliance of Artists exhibition “Negritude’s” traveling exhibition is in solidarity to those artists who are faced with discrimination. Through the exhibition of “Negritude” we honor our culture and heritage and the state of the condition of being “Black” in the United States.

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